How Like a God by Berenda W. Clough


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How Like a God (Suburban Gods, #1)How Like a God by Brenda W. Clough

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The central idea of the story was quite interesting. It made me think what would happen if I was the guy with the superpower. How it would change my life? What would I do? What I wouldn’t do? I like books which make me think. I was especially curious, because Rob was an average man with a wife and two kids and everyday problems, just like me. How a godlike power changes a guy like him?

Which brings me to the point I didn’t like: there were so many missed opportunities this concept offered. I wanted the hero to go places. I wanted him to rescue people from criminals. I wanted him to make a ton of money, buy exclusive cars or an extravagant house or a small country. I wanted him to realise that the parties and the cocktails doesn’t give satisfaction. I wanted him to suffer like a dog without his loved ones. I expected him go high and low, do amazing and stupid things. I would have done that. I was bored seeing that he spent his time reading in the library. Playing cards in casinos was an improvement, but it didn’t really raised the stakes.

It somewhat compensated me that the protagonist had spiritual experiences, went deep in his consciousness, discovered the depth of his soul to be able to understand himself.

I liked the voice of the author, the writing flowed smoothly, besides it showed that the book was well edited. Recently I read a number of self-published books, and some of them could use an editor. It wasn’t the case with this book.

I suggest this book for those who don’t mind less action and more spiritual discovery.

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